Naturally dyed yarns

Our yarns are dyed with natural dyes in our Lancaster workshop. We select the finest quality yarns and create all the colours of the rainbow inspired by nature.

Nature's Palette

Caring about the environment is important to us. That's why we use only natural dyes for our products and we use them with care - each time we dye we carefully weigh out the correct amount for each colour, and the dyebath is often re-used again for paler colours. Water is conserved and used again too. We hope you love the colours as much as we do.

The dyeing process


Explore our selection of yarns. From Alpaca blend for socks to British wool, yarns are available in weights from 4 ply to Super Chunky.

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Silk scarves in beautiful colours for all occasions. Soft and warm against the skin, our silk scarves come in a range of colours and sizes.

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Knitting kits

Knitting kits make great gifts (including to yourself!) One skein projects with a choice of yarn and full instructions.

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Workshops - coming soon!

Learn new craft skills or build on existing ones with our workshop sessions. Workshops available in natural dyeing, spinning on a spinning wheel, and basic weaving using a shoebox. Places are limited and sessions are in small groups.

  • Create

    Our aim is to create products which are original, high quality and planet-friendly. We are continuously improving and experimenting to create products which will bring you pleasure and satisfaction, knowing that they have been produced with dedication and care.

  • Inspire

    Colour affects us in many ways. We want to wear it, knit with it, turn it into something beautiful and hang it on the wall. Our scarves in flowing silk or soft cotton come in many colours, and our yarns provide inspiration for your next knitting or crochet project.

  • Inform

    We are passionate about the process of dyeing and share this through our blog and social media posts, as well as on our 'Process' page. The learning process never stops! The history of natural dyeing is a fascinating subject so look out for posts about this too.

  • Unique

    Due to the wonderfully unpredictable nature of the dyes, each batch is different. How and where the plants are grown will affect the colours. Sometimes there are happy 'accidents' where an unexpected colour is achieved, which is part of the joy of natural dyes.