Natural Dyeing Kits from £21

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Dyeing kits for you to experience the wonders of natural dyeing for yourself. Available in Large or Small, with a choice of two colour combinations for the small kits. The yarn has been mordanted in Alum which greatly improves the brightness and colourfast quality of the dyed yarn; it involves immersing the yarn in a solution of metallic salts beforehand, but to make it easier we have done this bit for you. All the dyes are in dried form.

Large Kit Contents:
• 200 grams of ready-mordanted superwash merino wool in two 100g skeins
• Madder powder, Walnut Husks, Logwood chips, Cochineal beetles, chopped Weld and Annatto
• Instructions for dyeing

Small Kit 1 Contents – Yellows, Reds and Browns:
• 100 gram skein of ready-mordanted superwash merino wool
• Madder powder, chopped Weld and Walnut Husks
• Instructions for dyeing

Small Kit 2 Contents – Golds, Pinks and Reds, Purples
• 100 gram skein of ready-mordanted superwash merino wool
• Annatto seeds, Cochineal beetles, Logwood chips
• Instructions for dyeing

You will need to keep a separate pan for dyeing which MUST NOT be used for cooking food.

Using these kits you can dye many different colours by dip-dyeing, overdyeing, or modifying the colour after dyeing with ingredients from your kitchen cupboard. Experience the joy of natural dyeing or give a gift which will entertain and educate!

Choose from 4 ply, Double Knitting, Aran or Chunky weights using the drop down menu.

Please note that the colours achieved may vary from those shown in the photograph.