A Summery Interview And A Fun Photo-Shoot

A Summery Interview And A Fun Photo-Shoot

In July over email whilst sitting in my workshop, enjoying a bit of northern Summer I got to answer some intriguing questions posed to me by one of the writers for The Knitter magazine,  a monthly magazine for people like myself, those into knitting with beautiful patterns and creative colours from indie dyers.


Ginette from Colourworks



I also enjoyed a lovely time with the fantastic photographer Ginny Koppenhol who really captured the process, the deep colours and got a good smile or two out of me! 

In the article 'A Focus On ColourWorks' I talked a little about my personal history, how I've always had a woolly heart and have been interested in this type of craft since a young age. I also got to give some praise to my workshop, a small piece of Lancastrian history which I always enjoy working in, even if it does get a wee bit chilly sometimes!  

I really enjoyed getting to enthuse about the dyeing process, I adore getting my hands right into the affair and gaining an intimate relationship with the ingredients I use. When you've spent time collecting your own onion skins or tracking down a good source of natural dyes you really develop an understanding and a feel for it all, it's more than just buying all your goods and chucking something together. I got to talk about how to me, and those that understand this excitement, it's about being in touch with nature and history. ColourWorks is my little way of helping the environment but also getting people back in touch with the environment. I think I was able to show this through the article, and also to show how beautiful all these natural colours turn out!

Naturally dyed skeins of yarn

The article finishes with my future plans, new designs, new products, kits and even workshops. My main passion though is to continue inspiring people to explore the wonderful world of natural colours and textures in this beautiful craft!

It was a really fun and enriching affair, both the article and the fantastic photo-shoot. It's great to have gone from my first dyeing course only a couple of years ago, to starting ColourWorks in 2020 and now getting published in such a good looking magazine as The Knitter.

To see ColourWorks growing and to be able to share it all with you is a pleasure.

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