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Natural Fleece

Natural Fleece

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Fleece for spinning and felting in natural colours. Supplied in combed tops of 100g, these are British breeds with the exception of the Gotland which is Scandinavian. 

The details:

Manx Loaghtan: A beautiful rich brown from a heritage breed, this lovely soft fleece is a delight to spin. 29-31 microns, staple length 75-80mm.

Black Shetland: Actually a dark brown colour, this traditional British breed produces a fabulous all-rounder and is one of the softer British breeds. 29-31 microns, staple length 90mm.

White Shetland: A lovely cream colour and great for all kinds of projects and for dyeing. 29-31 microns, staple length 90mm.

Gotland: So shiny! This Scandinavian breed has a glorious sheen and the long staple length makes it easy to spin. 30-34 microns, staple length 80-150mm.

Lonk: This is a rare upland breed with a lofty fleece. A hardy sheep with a coat to match! 32-33 microns, staple length 100-150mm.

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